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Is it time for a new site, a realign1, or possibly a re-design but not sure where to start and what to expect? Below you'll find the steps we go through in each web project.

Step 1 - The initial meeting
The goal to this meeting is to discuss the scope and expectations of your custom website project. This is the opportunity for all those involved in the decision making to be present to be heard and hear what Crestview Web can do for them. All items needed for the successful completion of your website are identified and a timeline for delivery is mapped out. We also discuss a Domain Name along with possible alternatives. The best name will be reserved for you based on these pre-approved choices.

Other information we will discuss at that time:

  1. Design: The URLs of website designs you like. They don't have to be related to your business industry, but are more to give an idea of your visual preferences. Items would include font, color scheme, layout, logo, the general feel you wish your site to portray... serious, fanciful, casual, business-like, etc.
  2. Functionality: navigation, size you see your site being. We can suggest key pages that most businesses include, such as a Products/Services page, About Us, Contact Us, etc.
  3. Key word choices, the words that will help the search engines find your site.
  4. Hosting
  5. Site Maintenance

Based on the information gathered at this meeting we will develop a quote of charges. Once the quote is approved, signed and returned with the deposit amount, we move to...

Step 2 - The Comps
The goal of this step is to present you with at least 2 different "comps" or site ideas for your comments and changes. These will be draft ideas intended to show colors, designs, and layout, and will be sent to you as .pdf files. Once the visual look-and-feel is established, the site structure is created. Additional functionality, navigation, specific images, and other scripts are brought in at this time. This is also the point you begin to furnish all content you'd like on your site.

Step 3 - Final Design Check
The goal of this step is to work out the final design and to start adding your content. This is where your site gets fleshed out and becomes "yours"! The site will then be placed on a testing server for you to view and see it taking shape. All testing occurs here, and any last minute changes.

Step 4 - Live!
Once Crestview Web receives your final approval, we're ready to go live. If you choose to use Crestview Web hosting service, then we ftp your files to the server and it's live (For more info about our Hosting, click here). If you choose to host with another service, we will contact them to have your site published. Either way, you are now the proud owner of a professional, attractive website.

Step 5 - Maintenance
One key to having a successful website is to keep the content updated and fresh. We offer website updates/maintenance at an hourly fee, and will work with you to determine your website maintenance plan.

1 "The desire to redesign is aesthetic-driven, while the desire to realign is purpose-driven. One approach seeks merely to refresh, the other aims to fully reposition and may or may not include a full refresh. (Note that by �reposition,� I mean strategy and not physical location or dimensions.)"
- Cameron Moll, from his article Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign

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