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Visually "You"

When a customer lands on your site for the first time, what business image do you wish to portray? Professional? Casual? Playful? Serious?

William Hazlitt said "First impressions are often the truest", and no more so as in the internet age as it races past faster than the eye can see. So what can you do to grab that customer, get him to slow down long enough to read your content and hear what you have to say? A visually compelling web site.

First, understand your audience. Try to view your site through their eyes, and make decisions based upon their likes and dislikes. First-time parents looking for a stroller won't give your site a 5 second look if it's black and red. Look into demographic studies, you'd be amazed what kinds of information is available.

Next, look at the elements of visual design. It's true that Content is still King, but if so, Design is the alluring Queen. The key elements of this "queen" are:

Finally, surf the web, and take a critical eye to some of your favorite sites. Why are they your favorites? What about them pleases you? Why would you come back? What about their site: instills trust, looks exciting, has a calming effect, or portrays confidence?

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