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How Steve Jobs' legacy has changed
In the past year, as high-profile books have probed Jobs' life and career, the reputation of Jobs being a Genius, a Visionary or a modern-day Thomas Edison has evolved somewhat.
Read some thoughts on the past mercurial Apple CEO.

Apple's New iPhone appears set to hit stores Sept. 21
Verizon wireless employees are reportedly forbid from taking vacation from September 21-30. Is that when Apple will launch its new iPhone?  Read the rest of the article here!

Get old, tune out: Is technology leaving the elderly in the dust?
Today's neck-snapping pace of innovation threatens to leave older members of society on the outside looking in through the twilight of their lives. But what can we do?  Read the rest of the article here!

Is your Windows computer secure? Microsoft provides you with a wealth of security tools.
Stay safer with security software and scans here.

And for Mac users... Apple offers few items to help with checking and improving the security of your system.
Check security in your Mac system here.

ABCNews' List of Best Gadgets
Back to School brings out a flurry of new goodies. Take a look at what ABCNews says is their top Five...

Read the rest of the article here!

Does gadget jargon confuse you?
A survey released by the Gadget Helpline5 today claims that too much jargon is used when referring to gadgets and technology, with the top 10 terms consumers find most confusing identified. Webcredible offers this update .

The computing tablet revolution ... Doomed?
If industry rumors prove true, Apple and maybe other computer companies will launch next year a new class of computer known as a computing tablet.... Read the rest of the article here!

How would Internet Marketing help you?
Embracing online customers is more a matter of commitment and strategy than financial expenditure. Integrating internet marketing tactics with other advertising ensures that your company provides a consistent brand experience. Read this article on the Business Owners Toolkit site.

Meet the MasterMinds: Andrew Sobel on Building Client Partnerships
Andrew Sobel is an authority on the skills and strategies for building enduring client relationships. His latest book is All for One: 10 Strategies for Building Trusted Client Partnerships. You can read his article here. From ManagementConsultingNews.com

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